Q: How does your download system work?
A: Please read our ORDERING INFORMATION page for complete details on how our system works.

Q: OFFLINE buttons do not work.
A: We sometimes get behind in processing offline orders, so we disable these offline buttons until we get caught up.

Printing problems?

Q: I'm getting all black pages.
A: There is a problem with the Google Chrome browser, use Microsoft Internet Explorer instead.

What do the documents contain?

Q: Does a service manual also contain schematics?
A: Yes! All service manuals do. (we don't know why, but we do get asked this quite often)

Q: Is the document a complete service manual or just a schematic?
A: If the item is a "green button", the title will say what it is and below it, what it contains. 
Note however that many of our "white button" items are complete service manuals, but we only list them as a minimum "schematic"  since we haven't yet pulled the files and listed their contents.  If it turns out it's the whole manual, you get it, and at the schematic price.

Q: How do you ship?
A: Shipping is done same day VIA PDF download and is free (green button items only).  You will get a special download email notice from us when your item is ready (usually within the hour).  We use industry standard PDF as a means to deliver it to you right away for printing on your own printer.  Just click on the link we give you and your document will open up right in your browser. 

Credit card problems

Q: Why was my credit card denied?
A:  PayPal's process for accepting cards is very stringent. This process helps prevent the use of stolen and unauthorized cards. Since this process is very complex, it does occasionally affect valid cards. The denial of your credit card is not reflective of your credit worthiness. In cases where a valid card fails their system checks, we suggest that you try another credit card in the system and make sure you are using the billing address that the statement is mailed to. You can also call our customer service phone for help.

Q: Why didn't the credit card payment option show up when I pressed the "Buy it Now" button?
A: There is a problem with how PayPal handles credit cards, however just delete your cookies and it will appear.  We've spoken to PayPal and they have it scheduled to be fixed.

Q: I could not use my credit card because they say it is already registered on PayPal.
A: No problem, just log into your PayPal account to use it.

Q: The country that I live in is not listed in PayPal.
A: PayPal is working on adding other countries all the time.  Check the current PayPal list of countries they accept payments from here.  If yours is not listed yet, maybe you could ask a friend or relative who lives in one of the listed countries to order it for you. 

Q: What is PayPal?
A:  PayPal  is a global online payment system and is owned by eBay. PayPal is a convenient, easy-to-use, and secure way for individuals and businesses to send and receive money online for goods, services, charitable donations, and so forth.  You can pay in dollars, euros, yen, etc.

Q: I'm afraid to send my credit card info over the Internet, is it safe?
A: Yes, very safe.  In the early days of the Internet, there was a problem but not anymore.  Your browser will encrypt the connection to and from PayPal.  Nobody can see your credit card numbers.

Note: We suggest you go ahead and save your information when finished paying to open a PayPal account.  You can then pay other individuals and businesses on the Internet without ever divulging your banking information to them.  This is a good thing.  Just make sure you use a good password and don't believe any of those many spoof emails going around about problems with your PayPal account.

Q: I didn't get a PayPal receipt, where is my receipt?
A: Your receipt was sent to you VIA email from PayPal.  If you didn't get a PayPal receipt via email, then your email address is having problems and is bouncing.  Please log into your PayPal account and check your PROFILE to see if you have misspelled your email address.  TIP: Add a new/corrected email address BEFORE you delete the old one.  You can then print a receipt from there.  ...and don't forget to let us know too.

Q: Can I send a check to you instead?
A: Yes, you can use the eCheck option on PayPal which will send an electronic check to us.  However just like a real check, they take 3-4 days to clear your bank.

Download problems

Q: I got a PayPal receipt, but didn't get your special download email yet, where is it?
A: Most likely the item you ordered was a 'White Button' item and it will require processing time to scan so please be patient.  It may take several days to do all this.   For the 'Green Button' items, see below.

Q: The item had a green button, but I didn't get a download email yet, where is it?
A: If the item had a green button, you were sent a special download email from us usually within the hour.   But sometimes email systems get slow and if you've waited all day and still haven't received it, please call customer service on the phone to verify your email.   You might also want to check your spam folder to see if it got dumped in there.   Configure your spam filter to allow email from the domain:  Also check your other email accounts as notices only get sent to the email that you registered with on the PayPal site.

Q: The item had a green button, and I've waited over 24 hours, and still haven't received it.
Did you check your spam folder? If so, then your email address is having a problem (bouncing back).  You might have mistyped it when you ordered on PayPal.  Please give our customer service a phone call rather than sending us more emails.  We respond to every email so if you're not getting them, there is a problem.

Quality issues

Q: I bought from another schematic site and got burned, quality was horrible and was totally un-readable, how is your stuff?
A: First of all, we are music techs and we understand this readability problem so we do our own scanning from original factory issued documents.  All of our documents are good to excellent quality unless otherwise stated differently in the item's description,  however sometimes the originals are not so hot to begin with and that's just the way it is.  In that case, if you are having trouble reading a value, just call our tech support hotline and they can advise you.

Q: Opps! When I printed the schematic, the right side got cut off.  What did I do wrong?
A: Please re-read the document cover page for instructions, but what happened was, you didn't check the box "shrink to paper size" when the print dialog came up.

Our favorite generic electronic parts sources

How much is my amp worth?

Q: Please help me determine the relative rarity and value of my gear before I try to sell it.
A: Sorry, we don't get into the buying and selling of used equipment so we wouldn't know, but you might want to check the completed Ebay auctions, Harmony Central, or other various blue books as shown below: